Be A Magna-Tect!



Magna-Tect   mag-na-tect



  1. a person who designs and builds with Magna-Tiles®


  1. to imagine, visualize, and construct with Magna-Tiles®


Magna-Tiles colorful, geometric shapes allow Magna-Tects of all ages to design and create! Magna-Tects are:

  • children of all ages!
  • parents who enjoy building with Magna-Tiles
  • students who make shapes with Magna-Tiles in the classroom!
  • teachers who use Magna-Tiles as a valuable math manipulative
  • grandparents who give the gift of Magna-Tiles
  • architects who design with Magna-Tiles!
  • occupational therapists who work with Magna-Tiles
  • designers who think in Magna-Tiles shapes!

How can I “Be A Magna-Tect”?

Use #magnatiles to share photos of your coolest Magna-Tiles Masterpieces with @magnatiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! We are always happy to hear about Magna-Tects’ unique ideas and innovative ways to play with Magna-Tiles.

Join the Magna-Tect Club!

Submit the form below to join the Magna-Tiles Magna-Tect Club! Each week, Valtech selects Magna-Tects to receive Magna-Tiles prizes! We will also feature the winning Magna-Tects’ favorite toy store and donate Magna-Tiles to the school of their choice.

Click here to see some awesome Magna-Tects and their cool Magna-Tiles Creations!

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